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Source: Medical Disability Advisor The Prognosis For Retinal Vascular Occlusion Varies Depending On The Location And Severity Of The Blockage, And The Underlying Condition Causing The Problem.

The occlusion can cause blood or other fluids to build up and prevent the retina from properly filtering light. Your optician or ophthalmologist will be able to let you know if your sight is good enough for driving. Therefore, in these cases the most important management consideration is controlling macular edema. Treatments for retinal arterial blockage are limited. Ozurdex treatment consists of injection of a biodegradable implant into the vitreous of the eye that delivers dexamethasone a potent corticosteroid to the retina. Ischemic type or hemorrhagic retinopathy. However, prompt diagnosis is crucial as the condition may be a presenting sign of serious cerebrovascular and ischemic heart diseases. 5 In 2009, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society added "central retinal artery occlusion" to their list of approved indications for hyperbaric oxygen HBO. 10 11 When used as an adjunctive therapy, the edema reducing properties of HBO, along with down regulation of inflammatory cytokines may contribute to the improvement in vision. 12 Prevention of vision loss requires that certain conditions be met: the treatment be started before irreversible damage has occurred over 24 hours, the occlusion must not also occur at the ophthalmic artery , and treatment must continue until the inner layers of the retina are again oxygenated by the retinal arteries. 13 If a branch of the retinal artery is blocked, part of the retina will not receive enough blood and oxygen. In glaucoma patients, reducing the pressure inside the eye will help increase blood flow.  Central retinal vein occlusion CRVO is a common cause of marked or total loss of vision in the middle-aged and elderly population, but no age group is immune to it.

Retinal vascular occlusion

Delayed treatment is considered ineffective, although there have been rare instances of spontaneous recovery even after several days of vision loss. If you have an eye condition in your other eye that affects your vision then your sight loss may be more serious. Recchia FM, Chen E, Li C, et al. Source: Medical Disability Advisor The prognosis for retinal vascular occlusion varies depending on the location and severity of the blockage, and the underlying condition causing the problem.